Photo of James McGinty
James McGinty

James has had a long and distinguished career as a Public Speaking. He has delivered motivational speeches to MP’s, Celebrities, sports personalities business people and youth groups.

He is much sought after for seminars and conferences and gets most of his bookings from repeat business and word of mouth.

Most of the UK FTSE 100 companies have benefited from James’ talents at some time in the past 25 years, yet his material never goes stale. Inspiration and motivation are his stock in trade. He also delivers keynote speeches in a variety of disciplines and has recently been heavily involved with workshops and seminars on social media.

If you are looking for something a bit lighter, then James is also a brilliant after dinner speaker, awards presenter and conference facilitator.

James has also just started his own training company so that he can share his talents with others. It is his ambition to ensure that every business person in the UK becomes a quality Public Speaker and this coupled with his personal development work has earned him the title “Master of Positive Change”
That covers the advertising bit, now what about the real person.

James was brought up in the West of Scotland and seemed destined to become just another piece of fodder for the Clyde shipyards.

At the age of 17 he left home and embarked on a serious of adventures and career changes that took him half way around the world, including a spell, living in a caravan in a Nigerian Jungle. He has been a welder, a labourer, a telecommunications engineer, a social worker a trainer an IT director and many things in between. With such diversity in his life you are guaranteed something different.
Contest winner

Unlike many Speakers James has proof of his excellence. His favourite hobby is competition speaking. He has won dozens of competitions and has reached the number one spot in the UK for both humorous and serious speaking.

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Photo of Graham Frost
Graham Frost

Graham Frost is an entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring speaker. He tells the story of his early life in a fundamentalist Christian cult and how he escaped from his family and started a new life, aged just 17. Graham pulls no punches in his talks – he doesn’t hide the mistakes he made and he helps others to move forward in their lives.
Here’s what some people have said after hearing Graham speak:
‘I would thoroughly recommend Graham as an interesting and inspiring speaker. Not only am I aware of Graham’s dedication in his capacity as a Toastmasters Governor and his unwavering determination to help support and encourage others with their public speaking, but I have experienced hearing first hand about Graham’s fascinating life story. It was our pleasure to host Graham at the YES! Group Sheffield, where the audience was enthralled by his story of triumph over adversity. Well done Graham, for all your determination and kind contribution to others!’
Phoebe Dickens
“Top man, great motivational speaker. Put across in a very down-to-earth way, Graham captured the audience’s imagination. Great insight on how to learn from life’s struggles.”
George Nahlis
“I asked Graham to speak at our Young Enterprise awards ceremony because I knew he had an interesting story. At the event, he was able to connect with the 150+ mainly teenage audience and give them some real food for thought. Many of the audience were inspired by Graham’s story, as indicated by the lively question and answer session. Graham inspired and entertained the audience.”
Jim Reynolds, Young Enterprise Board Member, Milton Keynes

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Photo of Rosy Holt
Rosy Holt

With a career forged in the travel and tourism industry where she spent twenty Italian-based years, heading up a team of representatives, ensuring tip-top quality accommodation and services for a high-end tour operator, Rosy’s role included sourcing and identifying properties and products, alongside hotel inspections and contract negotiations.

In what was then still a masculine dominated industry and culture, she established a formidable reputation for being charming to deal with, at the same time as being an immoveable object when it came to standards she expected to be met. It’s this same ethos and integrity which has made Ticking All Boxes invaluable to the companies who use its services.

It was probably a natural progression that led to her later launching Ticking All Boxes, a hospitality-industry consultancy, designed to allow owners to view their offering through the eyes of their clients. Services include mystery shopper programmes, client feedback, online presence improvement and bespoke training and development. Backed by the years of practical experience of Rosy and her team, the consultancy provides ad hoc, impartial highly professional input and quantifiably beneficial results.

Rosy also maintains a high profile mentoring role in other areas of business, working with start-ups as well as established enterprises and sharing her experiences through speaking opportunities.

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Photo of Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones is a Humorous Event Speaker delivering Keynote and After-Dinner speeches in his own entertaining and amusing way to business seminars and corporate events.

He is a consummate speech writer and seasoned entrepreneur having formed and developed successful businesses over the last five decades. His experience in both the service and retail industries elicits some very interesting comparisons with today’s business world…

When you invite Trevor to speak…you buy one and get another two free…well not exactly…but at least you have a choice. Because in addition to appearing as himself he also has two alter-egos that are larger-than-life characters. They present their speeches in a truly compelling and visual fashion…

Richard Head is a punk with a blinkered opinion and views that are firmly entrenched in the 1970s.

Noah Fence is a Teddy Boy with an old-fashioned 1950s view of life. Both alter-egos give speeches conveying messages that will leave the audience with significant ‘food for thought’ in an entertaining way.

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Photo of Robert Snow
Robert Snow

Robert Snow is an award winning UK Inspirational speaker. He earned 2 awards in 2009 for his humorous delivery and 3 awards in 2010 for his inspirational message.

With his background in entertainment he will be sure to deliver more than just a speech.

Roberts message of ‘Finding your true self worth and inner confidence’ is totally inspiring.

His message comes from the heart, as everything he talks about is based on his own personal experience and journey.

With a certificate in personal coaching and over 10 years experience in personal development, Robert has delivered his speeches to, and has coached, entertainers, entrepreneurs, business owners, students and sportsmen.
If you are looking for a truly entertaining and inspirational speaker, Robert will not disappoint you.

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Photo of Bob Ferguson
Bob Ferguson

Bob has been developing his verbal communications skills for the last fifteen years to deliver effective messages in an entertaining way.

His development has brought him three Toastmasters International UK & Ireland speech championships including the International and Humorous speech titles.

As a result Bob delivers serious topics with a humorous approach

His aim is to help every audience get the maximum benefit for his talks while thoroughly enjoying the whole experience.

Keynote or Main Platform Speeches
Ideal for conferences or any professional gathering, Bob’s platform speeches are designed to be thought provoking, informing and entertainment – or as Bob puts it – edutainment.

After-Dinner Speaking
Bob can either provide many of his main speeches with a light humour that makes them suitable for after dinner speaking, particularly at professional events.

Alternatively he has two purpose written after-dinner speeches full of observational humour about us and the world we live in.

Workshops / Seminars
All of Bob’s specialist subject lend themselves to workshops or seminars. A highly interactive form of his speeches, the edutainment is maintained but there is a far higher level of audience interaction as they undertake fun exercises to reinforce the learning points.

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Photo of Tucker Bearden
Tucker Bearden

My name is Tucker and I have Asperger’s.

For those of you who don’t know, Asperger’s is a developmental disorder affecting ability to effectively socialize and communicate.

I have been struggling with overwhelming social anxiety my entire life.

Imagine not being able to go to Walmart or the mall without getting sick…

Life spent away from others due to fear of social interaction.

I was diagnosed at a young age and spent countless hours in and out of therapist’s offices and hospitals many times being the guinea pig for experimental treatments to no avail.

Unable to find help in the medical community, I went elsewhere for answers and found that the answer was in front of me the whole time.

FEAR was the problem and the solution.

Many times my anxiety would get so bad i would have panic attacks and end up hospitalized due to them. Uncontrollable breathing and on occasion surging pain throughout the body. All caused by fear of social interaction and the astronomical lack of skills to communicate my message clearly.

Over the years, I’ve spoken with thousands of people across the world about social anxiety and Asperger’s. In this time I’ve done self treatments to overcome the disorder mother nature so kindly bestowed upon me. I forced my self into social situations over and over in what seemed like an impossible feat. At first I would go into large groups of people once a week every week and moved up from there. Its taken years of sticking to this routine to get where i am today and im ready to take the next step. I’m ready to win the battle and pursue my dream.

I Tucker Bearden want to do what they say is impossible. I want to stand in front of thousands of people and tell my story about how I overcame Asperger’s and became a public speaker. How I went from puking in the Walmart bathroom to overcoming my fear and standing in front of thousands.

Fear is the problem and the solution.

I want to teach others who suffer as i did and still do on occasion. I want to show them what i wish someone showed me years ago. I want to help them stop running from it and start running with it.

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